What comes first: Exploring public interest in tech-related topics

What comes first? Wikipedia, Google, News Interest in technology Cross-correlations News coverage versus Wikipedia page views with Maria Khachatryan, Filip Kowalski, Jakub Siwiec, and Paweł Zawadzki The Hackathon Next Generation Internet Data Sprint was organized by the Digital Economy Lab of the University of Warsaw on November 9 and 10, 2018. The goal of the hackathon was to explore datasets on Wikipedia page views and edits, Reddit posts, media mentions, and others, to generate insights about the use of the internet and new technologies.

Biking in Barcelona: Green City Hackathon

BigSurv18 and the Green City Hackathon Team number 5 Data Bike use Altitude of Bicing stations Location of mechanical and electric bike stations Empty stations by station altitude Next steps with Saleha Habibullah, Sakinat Folorunso, and Vera Paul BigSurv18 and the Green City Hackathon One of accompanying events of the BigSurv18: Big Data Meets Survey Science conference in Barcelona last week was the Green City Hackathon.