tidytext analysis of TED talks

Setup tidy TED talks Applause, LOL Sentiment This year I spent two weeks of the summer attending the Summer Institute for Computational Social Science Parter Site (SICSS) in Tvärminne and Helsinki, Finland, organized by Matti Nelimarkka from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, assisted by two TAs: Juho Pääkkönen and Pihla Toivanen from the University of Helsinki. I highly recommend it to anyone with background in the social sciences and interested in computer and data sciences, or the other way around!

ISA World Congress 2018: Analysis of tweets

Getting data from Twitter Tweets over time Text analysis Tweets by ISA Resesarch Committee The International Sociological Association 19th World Congress of Sociology in Toronto (15-21 July) has received quite some Twitter coverage. Waiting to board the flight back to Warsaw, I wanted to take a look at these Twitter data and apply the newly acquired skills in text analysis (thanks to the Summer Institute for Computational Social Science, SICSS, Partner Site in Tvärminne and Helsinki, Finland).